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Employee Benefits

At Anika Insurance Brokers, we use our deep expertise across the full spectrum of health benefits to provide employers with strategic insights, innovative solutions and value for their business and employees to achieve overall program efficiency, affordability, and competitiveness to ultimately develop and sustain a healthy, high-performing workforce.

Our services address the top issues employers of all sizes are facing to better meet employees' needs:

  1. We help you examine health care benefits in the context of your employee value proposition and develop a strategy that is agile and responsive to the pace of change. We provide cost-effective advice and coordination, including brokerage services, on both a global and local level. We would have access to the entire market, and would be able to provide choices for our clients to consider based on their needs.

  2. We help you place greater emphasis on value-based arrangements through plan designs that encourage employees to utilize high-value services (quality and cost effectiveness) to maximize the value they receive from their health care benefit.

  3. We help you with the Health Plan Cost Control with our experienced team’s skills, resources, capabilities and results.

  4. We are updated on market trends and knowledgeable about the numerous insurance products and services that are available. This way, we can accurately compare product offers and recommend the best insurance options to our clients.

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