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Professional Indemnity

Insurance for Real Estate Agents & Valuers

Anika offers a special scheme Professional Indemnity Insurance for all Real Estate Agents and Valuers that are registered with Lembaga Penilai, Pentaksir dan Ejen Hartanah Malaysia for a minimum coverage of RM 100,000 and optional coverage of RM200,000 and RM 250,000.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides essential financial protection for a wide range of professional advisers. In the event that a client suffers financial loss as a result of alleged neglect, error or omission Professional Indemnity Insurance will meet the cost of defending claims and any damages payable.

Any person who gives advice, designs, or offers similar services in a professional capacity is seen by clients as an expert. In these times of high consumer awareness, clients will not hesitate to pursue a claim if they feel that they have received sub-standard service. The need for Professional Indemnity Insurance has never been greater.

While some professional people see Professional Indemnity Insurance as an expensive and unnecessary overhead, we know from experience that any professional can produce substantial claims. Court awards have risen sharply in recent years. Without insurance, the financial security of a business is threatened.

How much cover is required?

Only the professional can assess the amount of cover appropriate to the business. In determining how much cover to effect, it is important that a realistic view is taken of the potential damages and legal costs for which the business could become liable. Being under-insured can be almost as financially disastrous as being without insurance at all.

Our scheme started from the minimum requirement of RM 100,000, RM 200,000 and maximum of RM 250,000 and the premium is charged based on the on the Gross Fees received for last financial year.

We will, however, provide a quotation for higher levels of indemnity if asked to do so. We are also able to provide cover up to a limit of RM 10,000,000 in most cases for property management companies, auctioneers and professional valuers, any professionals in doubt about the amount of cover they should take out should consult their legal advisers.

What are the Advantages of the Scheme Offered by Anika Insurance Brokers?


The entire insurance program has been designed to be the most competitive for the benefits of the Real Estate Agents & Valuers.


Anika Insurance Brokers has the most qualified and experienced professionals dedicated to solving and answering our clients’ professional indemnity needs.


This scheme is the simplest and easiest insurance management tools available to all Real Estate Agents & Valuers in Malaysia.


This policy has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Lembaga Penilai, Pentaksir dan Ejen Hartanah Malaysia.

The Policy provides Professional Indemnity protection for damages and costs arising from claim of negligence made against the Policyholder.

The Policy Wording could also incorporate Loss of Client’s Money due to dishonesty of employees, Loss of Documents and Libel & Slander as optional extensions..

How to take-up this Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy?

Just download our proposal form below and fax the completed proposal form to:

at 03-2691 4498 or 03-2713 3335 for an immediate pricing.

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