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Motor Insurance Claims Accident Guide

Normal Procedure

  • Report to the police within 24 hours.

  • Report to the broker / insurer as soon as possible.

  • Note down names, addresses, registration numbers of third parties involved and their insurance details.

  • Note down names, addresses and telephone numbers of independent witnesses.

  • Do not pay money to any third party without the insurer's written consent.

  • Refer to the broker / insurer immediately all summonses, communications received from the police authorities.

  • Forward broker / insurer immediately all correspondences from third parties unanswered.

  • Remove damaged car to insurer's authorized workshop.

  • Complete claim form and forward to broker / insurer with a copy of police report, registration card, road tax disc, driver's / insured's IC and driving license.

​For lodging Third Party Claims, the following procedures must be observed:-

  • Obtain police sketch plan and investigation results.

  • Notify third party in writing of your intention to claim and request him to notify his insurer.

  • Obtain estimated cost of repairs from the authorized workshop.

Forward estimated repair costs together with adjuster report and other supporting documents to broker / third party's insurer.

Option For Comprehensive Policyholders for lodging Third Party Claims:-

  • Forward to broker / own insurer, claim form, police report, driver's / insured's IC and driving license, estimated cost of repairs and a signed declaration confirming circumstances are true and solely due to negligence of third party.

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