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Personal Care

At Anika Insurance Brokers, we are committed to provide our customers quality customer service. For your convenience, we have established this section for your personal insurance needs. In this section, you will find twelve (12) classes of insurance specially designed and tailored to suit your needs. You may download, print and mail these forms for our processing.

If you have any enquiries or in need of a quotation, please contact the Retail Broking Unit

at 03-26914244 or email We are always pleased to assist you.

Motor Insurance

  • Comprehensive and Third Party cover available.

  • Zero Excess

  • No loading for vehicles up to 10 years old.

  • Premium - as per Motor Tariff. 

Motorcycle Insurance

  • Comprehensive and Third Party cover available.

  • No loading for motorcycles up to 5 years old.

  • Premium - as per Motor Tariff.

House Owner Insurance

  • Covers loss or damage to the building of private dwelling, house or apartment.

  • Includes cost of temporary accommodation in the event the building is damaged and deemed uninhabitable.

  • Riot, Strike & Malicious Damage, Subsidence & Landslip cover available

  • Premium - as per Fire Tariff

Home Contents

  • Protects your personal possessions against loss, damage and theft.

  • Covers damage to locks and keys

  • Covers loss or damage to jewelry.

  • Covers loss or damage by accidental means.

  • For the sum insured of RM10,000, you need to pay only RM50 per year.

Worldwide All Risks (only applicable with Home Contents)

  • 24 hours coverage for personal effects and mobile valuables up to RM20,000 against accidental loss or damage or misfortune at home or abroad.

  • Unspecified items up to RM1,000 per item.

  • Claims on Agreed Value Basis.

  • RM0.27 per day for a coverage of RM10,000.

Personal Accident

  • 24 hours world-wide coverage against accidental death or total & permanent disablement.

  • Extends to cover travel by land, sea or air including scheduled and unscheduled flights.

  • Free Cover such as Hijacking, Drowning, Poisoning, etc.

  • RM0.14 per day for a coverage of RM100,000.

Hospital & Surgical

  • Covers medical expenses incurred at a hospital as a result of accidental bodily injury or disease.

  • Includes organ transplant, outpatient cancer treatments and kidney dialysis.

  • Overall annual limit up to RM120,000.

  • Family plans available.

  • Annual family premium as low as from RM1.50 per day.

Term Assurance / with Dreaded Diseases

  • Lump sum payment upon death or total & permanent disablement due to all causes.

  • Convertible to endowment or whole life plans without medical examination.

  • Entry age from 16 to 60 and renewable up to 65.

  • 100% payout upon diagnosis for Dreaded Diseases.

  • Individual rates apply, please contact us for a quotation.

Personal Liability

  • World-wide coverage (except U.S. & Canada)

  • Up to RM500,000 cover in respect of accidental third party bodily injury and property damage.

  • Extends to cover the faults or negligence of any member of your family permanently residing with you.

  • RM500,000 cover for an annual premium of RM40 only!


  • Up to RM200,000 on Personal Accident.

  • Up to RM250,000 on Personal Liability.

  • Up to RM10,000 on Golfing Equipment, RM2,000 on Personal Effects, RM2,000 lump sum payment in the event of 'Hole-in-one'.

  • Annual premium from as low as RM35.

Domestic Helper

  • Personal Accident cover up to RM15,000 with weekly benefits and medical expenses.

  • Hospital and surgical expenses of up to RM3,000.

  • Repatriation and funeral expenses of up to RM7,500.

  • Disappearance Option available.

  • Premium from RM0.16 per day.

Pedal Cycle

  • Up to RM2,000 coverage on loss / damage to pedal cycles due to fire, theft or accidental means.

  • Loss / damage to tyres and accessories are covered if pedal cycle is also lost or damaged at the same time.

  • Annual premium from as low as RM12.

NB : The above classes of insurance are subject to Policy terms and conditions.

Just download our PersonalCare form below.

Fax the completed form to 03-2691 4498 or 03-2713 3335 for an immediate application.

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