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We are independent from the control of any insurance company. Our function is to study the needs of the Insured and analyse the risks exposure facing the Insured and then recommend ways to reduce the physical hazards which result in reduced risks and thereby reducing the premium rates. A full insurance programme will then be drawn up for the Insured’s consideration. From the programme, we will arrange the policies with the most stable and reputable insurance company which can provide the best coverage at the most economical costs.

Our services do not stop after the policies have been effected. We keep ourselves informed of market developments to avail ourselves of opportunities such as emergence of new markets or improved world underwriting results for the benefit of the Insured. Our tasks, therefore, require the skills and technical competency to understand your requirements and in turn, translate them into the purchase of insurance for you and not sell you whatever form of cover the Insurer happens to have readily available.

In contrast, if you happen to purchase insurance policies without the vital covers that you really need, the policies are then totally useless to you. Arranging your insurance therefore demand a degree of skill and expertise that can only be achieved through impartial and independent professionalism.

In addition to the execution of the above function, we render continuous expert advice to the Insured and assist the Insured in their daily insurance problems. One of the most important services we can offer is in regard to claims. When a claim arises, we advise the Insured the procedures to adopt in processing a claim and then negotiate with the Insurers to arrive at a fair settlement of the claim.

Our technical know-how will be most strongly realised when we negotiate for a settlement of a claim that is considered a borderline case. In addition, our services to you are free.

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